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Reverend Wright commercials on MSNBC?

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Nov. 3rd, 2008 | 04:57 pm
posted by: capthek in nomccain_palin

Fine, if they can go negative, so can I!
So I like to keep MSNBC on during the day, and sometimes I flip to fox or other networks to see what they have to say.

Has anybody noticed the sudden Reverent Wright commercials?
My first thought was of course how dumb it is to spend money on this old news, but why MSNBC? Of all of the places? Way to waste money you guys. I guess I should be thankful that the right continues to kind of be clueless.

Another random example I just encountered. McCain chooses dumb ass states to visit.

In this, his last day, he is going to Tennessee and New Mexico? He is going other places as well, but why waste time on Tennessee that is 100% going GOP and why waste time on New Mexico that is 100% going DEM? And then he is going to rally in his own state of Arizona. Well, this one makes a little bit of sense at least because it is his home.

OK, a couple of funnies:

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